Tesla Model S Plaid Sets New Record Of 7:13 At Nurburgring

Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

Tesla has been hard at work at the German Nurburgring with a number of upgraded and performance orientated Model S, each fitted with the new, more powerful Plaid powertrain.

Auto Motor und Sport has now reported that Tesla has beaten the previous unofficial record of 7:23, held by the red Model S with Andreas Simonsen at the wheel, with a time of 7:13. This record was made by a blue Plaid-powered Model S with more aero parts fitted. We discussed it in this linked article. The car was driven by racing driver Thomas Mutsch, a veteran of the Green Hell. The car was fitted not only with a barrage of aerodynamic parts, but had Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Cup R tyres fitted to lighter wheels.

Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

While this is an incredible result for the Model S Plaid, it must be noted that these are unofficial times and not measured by the track itself or an independent timer. Therefore, it can’t be used in comparison with that of the Porsche Taycan, which set a record of 7:42 seconds.

The latest record is also 8 seconds away from the estimated 7:05 that Tesla announced it was reaching for on Twitter, and since Tesla has now left the Nurburgring according to Auto Motor und Sport, this achievement won’t be hit for the time being.

Both the red Model S that crashed and the blue are on their way back to the US with the weather getting colder, but will more than likely return next year to possibly have a go at an official track record.

Next year is going to be an incredible time, with a car that is much closer to the production-ready Plaid model hopefully returning to Europe.

Written by Alex Harrington

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