Ford’s New Mustang-Inspired’ Mach E Spotted On Road

Ford's New Mustang-Inspired' Mach E Spotted On Road

Ford has been planning to jump on the all-electric train for some while now, and while it’s only recently released an all-electric Mustang with help from Webasto, it won’t be long until they release a Mustang-inspred SUV that will be produced for purchase for the masses.

The teaser photo you see above is officially all that’s been released, but the Mach E Forum has spotted it out on the open roads under black and white camouflage. Click here to see the full set of images, as we weren’t able to get the rights to use them on Tesla Reporter.

Despite Ford’s attempt at hiding its body shape, there’s no mistaking the Mustang-like rear lights and muscular front arches and bonnet. The overall design has been smoothened to more than likely reduce drag and increase range, but there is definitely a hint of angular Mustang that Ford enthusiasts will be looking for, especially down its flanks.

The front emblem has been covered, but its width suggests that it will be the pony emblem, possibly in a different colour. Manufacturers sometimes choose to separate their electric cars from their internal combustion cars. Branding is everything, of course.

Like Teslas, there are no visible door handles. To reduce drag, they must be automatically tucked in to the bodywork while driving, with them only showing themselves when the doors are being opened and closed.

Overall I don’t think it’s the prettiest of designs, but as a fan of the Mustang’s aesthetics, I have always wondered whether it was the right car to base an SUV around. But, only time will tell, and if this drives with similar chassis dynamics of the modern American muscle car, Ford could be on to a winner. We’ll let you know more as more information becomes available, and when (if) we finally drive it.

Then, we have to make the all important comparison between this and the Model Y. It’s an exciting time, ladies and gentlemen!

Written by Alex Harrington

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