Tesla Model 3 ‘Smart Summon’ Tested In Snow For First Time

Tesla Model 3 'Smart Summon' Tested In Snow For First Time

The YouTuber Daniel Spalding has tested his Model 3′s ‘Smart Summon‘ feature in what seems to be the first recorded example of it being used in snow. The car ultimately performs with no issues despite the low visibility.

With snow covering the ground, and therefore any road markings, the red Multi-Coat Model 3 is called to its owner using the app on his phone. It treads slowly and carefully through the snow that’s surely acting against the multiple sensors the car has at its disposal. Albeit at 1mph, the car eventually makes its way safely around the curves of the carpark and, while it doesn’t pay attention to any lane markings, it eventually gets back to Spalding.

In order to test the car further, Spalding starts moving around the carpark, urging the car to follow him as he strafes in different directions. The car wasn’t confused by this, and continued to turn its wheels to match his location.

‘Smart Summon’ has been a divisive feature that Tesla released earlier this year in beta form as part of the V10 update. According to Elon Musk, it’s been used over a million times, allowing them to take all of that information that’s been gathered and use it to further improve the feature. The main issues came with the fact that Tesla gave car owners the power to use this anywhere. Yes, the update stated that it should only be used in private areas, but giving people the power to access this kind of feature, and there will always be someone who doesn’t follow Tesla’s guidance.

This, paired with the fact the feature didn’t always work perfectly, has meant it hasn’t lacked criticism. What do you think of the ‘Smart Summon’ feature? Let us know below!

Written by Alex Harrington

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