Tesla Cybertruck To Get Flip Stop Feature For Large Cargo

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According to Tesla CEO and avid Twitter user Elon Musk, the new Cybertruck is going to feature a flip stop feature on its tailgate, enabling drivers to carry longer loads safely.

What is a flip stop?

Some pickup truck tailgates are sometimes equipped with an extra flap to enable the driver to store longer loads. With the tailgate down but the flap positioned up, it essentially elongates the bed while still stopping the contents of the bed falling out while moving. It’s essential for people transporting long pieces of wood etc.

A flip stop on the Cybertruck?

After Ron Pomeroy, a fan of Tesla and more than likely someone who has put down a deposit on the new Cybertruck, brought up this addition on Twitter, specifically in regard to a sheet of 4’x8′ plywood, Elon was quick to reply. That size plywood is larger than the bed of the truck, which measures in at 6.5ft.

“Elon, nice owl. Now, how should I transport a standard 4X8 sheet of plywood in my Cybertruck? Can you add a flip stop to the tailgate?” Pomeroy asked the CEO.

Elon simply replied with, “yes,” confirming that the Cybertruck will have the feature. Take a look at the video below for an example of a flip stop being used on a GMC pickup.

The Cybertruck we’ve seen in action currently doesn’t implement a flip stop feature, but we know for sure that Tesla will need to change the design to align with road laws. Later production models will have side mirrors (or cameras) for example. Once this happens, other promised technologies will be implemented, such as the flip stop tailgate and modular bed. This modular bed will allow owners to attach the Cybercamper or kitchen attachments.

Tesla Cybertruck To Get Flip Stop Feature For Large Cargo

Cybertruck lowdown

The tri-motor variant will hit 60mph in just 2.9 seconds, will have a range of 500 miles, and has a towing capacity of 6,300kg. Both a dual-motor and a single motor variant will be available with lower, but still very impressive performance figures

Written by Alex Harrington

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