The Neuron EV Torq Has Its Sights Set On The Tesla Semi

The Neuron EV Torq Has Its Sights Set On The Tesla Semi

The Tesla Semi has an ever-growing list of competitors as established manufacturers start to realise that electrification is looking to be the next step into the future of logistics. But out of no where, california-based Neuron EV has revealed an all-electric truck concept that looks to be aiming straight for Elon Musk’s truck.

It’s called the Torq, and is currently only a concept while the company works towards establishing funding on top of their existing Chinese backers. Only one has been built, and already you can spot several similarities between it and Elon Musk’s portfolio of cars. It has the vehicle-wide daytime running light from the cybertruck at the front and its aerodynamic shape isn’t too distinguishable from the Semi with a narrow cockpit but wide wheel arches.

The Neuron EV Torq Has Its Sights Set On The Tesla Semi

Again, like the Semi, it has a central driving position with information screens either side of the steering wheel with the rest of the interior being very simplistic. The rear sleeping area has plenty of room for the driver to relax, a comfortable bed, plus a large cinematic screen with surround sound for when off the road. There’s also plenty of storage space for a long haul, and internet connectivity which will more than likely also carry OTA updates.

The screens in the cabin and multiple cameras on the exterior the vehicle allows the driver to have a 360-degree view of the surroundings to not only make it easier to place on the road, but also to aid in safety. According to Neuron EV, the cabin “is built with compatibility for future autonomous operation.” How? Well they’re being a bit quiet on that front. This vehicle is built upon a scalable chassis with components being easy to replace and swap out for different uses, for example, adding more cargo space or different functionality, so this could be what they mean by future-proof.

The Neuron EV Torq Has Its Sights Set On The Tesla Semi

They’re also being quiet about the actual performance of the vehicle. No figures have been revealed, but Neuron EV insists that it’s energy efficient and will be able to manage a long drive on just one charge.

The Neuron EV Torq Has Its Sights Set On The Tesla Semi

It seems as though the company is a long way away from being at Tesla’s stage of development, with several Tesla Semis already being seen on the road. We are however looking forward to the addition of more competitors and will be following Neuron EV closely.

Written by Alex Harrington

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  1. Nice truck, but the only companies and truck drivers who will buy something like that is the new generation who buyes into the lies of EPA and Liberal colleges who subvert and pervert the real facts about fossil fuels and buy into the lies that we have to protect the planet like as if we are ever going to stop its deterioration. God has no need of us interfering with His planes and even if we try it will fail cause God is on His throne and in reality EPA has become a tyrannical bureaucracy and consistently fabricate problems that are not real problems because it pays their employees bottom lines. EPA could give a darn about the environment. DEF their beloved DEF, is actually more harmful for the “environment” than the older trucks were. You know where that was proven? In California when a truck driver was pulled over for a exhaust system check, they found that his old truck had FAR LESS emissions than trucks with DEF; so basically, random inspection in Calfornia gave California EPA the middle finger.
    On top of that too, its not about the environment anymore like it was when President Richard Nixon first established EPA. NOW for EPA its all about over controling the people, the trucking industry, and the auto industry so that they can benefit off the American peoples misery.
    EPA’s goals when they were founded was good at first and when they achieved it they decided to go over board and started to create problems to get their regulation across which now we see they were liars, thieves, and dictators since the new people who fill the seats of EPA after the original people worked its operation in 2, 1970. Yes pollution in the city at least is bad cause you dont have enough trees that can use those chemicals to turn into clean air and for their benefit. Anyone who studies biology knows that trees use carbon monoxide and uses it to turn it into carbon dioxide and that the diesel the nitrates are good for the trees. Problem is in our cities we have little to no trees. And thats where EPA started to stick its hands into auto manufactures business and money.
    Yes, the city people aught to have vehicles equiped with SOME emissions equipement but to demand that everyone has it is a overstep into the peoples choices and livelyhood.
    In reality, there should only be a minimal amount of regulation regarding emissions like maybe 3-4 regulations, 3-4 for clean water and use of water, 4-5 for oil industry and fuel stations, and for water and land use. Farmers should be exempt from many of them because they are doing the nation a favor working for low pay and as hard as they do. Same with truck drivers, they work for low pay these days compared to before, and they work extremely hard so they should be afforded some exemptions for EPA mandates.
    EPA is neccesary to take care of the main issues with emissions but then that is it. They should not be requiring people to do more than what it takes to acheive less ugly smog in CITIES, less water polution. EPA has no business in regulating small engines, the use of diesel or gasoline engines in boat engine. Where they should do something is maybe require the gasoline tanks be made of qaulity materials so it is not leaking. But see they should only be requiring little common sense stuff not to where they have grown today. Knowing them today though, they would blow that out of proportion too.
    Never should have allowed them to be a bureaucracy after they overstep the boundaries. They should be regulated by LLC or a corporation regulations and then be regulated by a corporation that has experience working in those regulation guidelines. See how much they like being inside their own game!

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