What Exactly Is The Tesla Cybertruck Glass, And Did It Really Work?

What Exactly Is The Tesla Cybertruck Glass, And Did It Really Work?

The Tesla Cybertruck reveal was full of surprises. One, the design of the pickup threw a lot of us off, with quite a few fans expecting the whole thing to be a joke with the real vehicle waiting behind a curtain somewhere. It turned out that it wasn’t a joke, and finally we’re warming to it. But the glass, that was the main shock. This unbreakable glass shattered not once, but twice on two separate windows and became a huge point of discussion.

But what actually is the glass made from? And why does it have it? Matt Ferrell on his YouTube channel has the answers.

Originally, this Tesla Armoured Glass was produced for the Semi, with the objective of not having to take the vehicle off the road when the glass inevitably breaks or cracks. With less time off the road, you get happier customers and more revenue. This glass has made it onto the Cybertruck, and with Tesla CEO Elon Musk describing it as transparent metal, Matt has to look further into this.

He believes that the ‘glass’ is actually aluminium based, being much stronger than normal glass. Glass like this has been used a lot, and is often marketed as ALON. It’s even being considered for use in space. Unfortunately it’s very expensive, costing between $10-15 per square inch, which explains why we don’t see it all over the place.

Tesla must be using something very similar, however we don’t know exactly what methods they use for production or what its makeup is. But more importantly, Matt wants to highlight the fact that although the Cybertruck windows smashed, the ball didn’t go through (as Elon pointed out). And while yes it doesn’t quite look the part, the glass did its job and kept the occupants of the vehicle safe, just like any other bulletproof glass.

Written by Alex Harrington

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