Tesla Offering ‘Anti-Ice Window Treatment’ + Budget Tips To Stop Ice Buildup

Tesla Offering 'Anti-Ice Window Treatment' + Budget Tips To Stop Ice Buildup

With Tesla owners facing issues with their windows last year during the Winter months, the electric car company is starting to offer an ‘anti-ice window treatment’.

The frameless windows of the Tesla need to roll down slightly on opening, but once they ice over during a cold night they can get stuck on the rubber seals after the car automatically retracts the glass on opening a door. Some owners resort to preconditioning the cabin, but this process can take a long time and is not an option for some.

From now, Tesla owners can purchase an ‘anti-ice’ treatment from their local service centre. It’s listed in the company’s ‘Winter Driving Tips’ webpage. You can schedule the treatment through your Tesla app.

According to owners who have looked into this product, the treatment costs $150 with service centres already getting ready to meet demand. But, if you’re savvy and looking for a cheaper option, it’s always worth looking for a rubber conditioner that you can use on the seals around the windows. A glass sealant or coating will also help decrease the amount of ice that forms on the windows overnight

This, while you will have to do this yourself, will be much cheaper than the anti-ice treatment being advertised by Tesla, so make sure you check out some products before prematurely jumping in to a big bill.

Our favourite rubber sealer is by Maguiars and can be found here.┬áIt only needs to be rubbed into rubber trim using a lint-free cloth then buffed. We also love this Rain-X product, which is quick and easy to use. It won’t last as long as the specialised Rain-X coating, but this simply needs to be sprayed on then buffed, something you could quickly do after parking your car in the evening. This can also be applied to non-glass surfaces such as the car’s handles and sensor covers.

Let us know how you get on and if you have any tips you can share!

Written by Alex Harrington

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