Tesla Model 3 Acceleration Boost Upgrade for $2000 Found in Fine Print

Over the past year, Tesla has been sending over the air software updates to Model 3s, which have benefited their owners in range, power and charging capacities.

In the upgrade section of customer’s Model 3 profiles for both dual motors and SR+ owners, some Tesla Owners have been seeing the following:

h/t: Electrek

The latest power increase have seen some Performance Model 3s get under three seconds for the 0-60 times, which Tesla has yet to document on their site. That’s why this “acceleration boost” is a bit confusing.

What exactly will customers be paying for with the rumored $2000 paid upgrade?

How much faster is it going to be?

If Tesla does give Performance level upgrades similar to what is found in Sleeper/Stealth Model 3s, this paid upgrade looks to be an amazing way to increase revenue for the final push of 2019.

As a Model 3 Owner who’s wife chose to go with the Long Range Dual Motor option over the performance model, I’m looking forward to the option to get the best of both worlds.

Written by Tesla Reporter

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