Incredible Renders Explore The Future Of Tesla: Boats, Bikes, And Cars

With the Cybertruck being drawing such a large crowd to Tesla and its innovative design, talented renderers are flocking to social media and sharing their own ideas of here Tesla could be heading in the coming years. These renders are produced by Budget Direct, and are simply brilliant, exploring exactly how Tesla could take on a boat and even a tractor.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously stated that the Silicone Valley company would never produce a motorbike thanks to a crash he had earlier in his life, but as you can see, the angular design of the Cybertruck looks perfect in the tight package of a bike. The front looks like it came straight from the Gen 2 Roadster, too.

Now this one isn’t so good looking. This sports car looks to be built on a Fairlady body, but with the front end of a Model 3, the angles seem off and doesn’t quite fit the classic look of the rest of the car. Saying this, we’d love to see if Tesla could wow us with a cheap, low-powered sports car with excellent weight distribution and small dimensions.

Faring is a massive producer of emissions, but what if Tesla could provide a way of at least reducing some of that. With a Model 3 nose and Tesla Semi-looking cab, this is certainly something we could endorse. And hey, you can’t beat electric torque for pulling trailers and the like, right?

Elon has always been a fan of the sea-worthy Lotus Esprit from James Bond, even buying that very car himself later down the line. Now, we get to see what Tesla’s take on the craft would be, and we love it.

A flying car could really change the way we view the automotive industry (if it was viable, of course). This small little helicopter takes the Tesla form and applies it to a form of transport many companies have tried and failed to produce. It’s just not possible… for anybody but Elon, of course.

Written by Alex Harrington

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