Tesla Model 3 Upgraded Car VS Model 3 Performance Sleeper Battle On Track

Tesla Model 3 Upgraded Car VS Model 3 Performance Sleeper Battle On Track

There’s nothing better than a bit of to and fro on a track, and if you think similarly, then you’re going to enjoy the video embedded below by Out Of Spec Motoring. They’ve taken both of their Tesla Model 3s to the track to see which one is faster, and it’s resulted in some brilliant jousting from both electric cars.

Referring to them as “Plus” and “Sleeper”, both cars are different variants of the 3, and this is where it gets a bit confusing. The “Sleeper” is a standard Model 3 with the ‘Performance Upgrades’ package. This was available on earlier standard models and included a host of upgrades such as better wheels, brakes, a spoiler, etc. Later on, Tesla made these upgrades standard on all the Model 3 Performance models.

It’s interesting to hear what these owners have to say about their cars as they power them around the track at full pelt. Both cars have questionable tyres fitted, so bear that in mind when watching, but they do mention how the brakes are the first things to go on these 3s.

They plan to upgrade both the tyres and brakes for an upcoming video so we’ll be very interested in knowing what kind of effect that has on the cars’ performance.

Here are more details outlined in the video description by Out Of Spec Motoring

Model 3 Performance Plus vs Minus Race Track Dog Fight

Kyle and Ben battle it out on the race track with their Performance Model 3s. One is a Performance Upgrades car and the other is a sleeper (standard wheels / brakes). Because these cars are both on different tires, we aren’t sure we accomplished anything, but it was a great time.

Both cars were at the exact same SoC (72%) and were warmed up (had been supercharged and driven right before the track driving). The Performance Plus had the worst all season cheapest tires and did a pretty good job keeping up with the Stealth Performance with Summer performance tires.

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Written by Alex Harrington

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