Tesla Cybertruck Wins Concept Car Of The Year 2019

Tesla Cybertruck To Get Smaller Version In The Future

The Tesla Cybertruck has come under critique after its release late last year. It’s been the focus of conversation for many, and while I’m sure a few friendships have been put on hold thanks to its questionable design, the number of deposits taken speak for themselves. It’s obviously got the industry speaking, but Automobile Magazine has taken it a step further.

They’ve named the all-electric pickup the Concept Car of the Year, and for one very imply reason: it was polarizing. With the likes of Blade Runner and old retro supercars in mind, the Cybertruck uses harsh angles, simplicity, and a lack of paint to push an industrial feel.

Automobile Magazine says the following:

“We love the basic idea and shape. Some critiques we read in the first few hours after its initial reveal suggested it to be a manifestation of unimaginative brutality, crude, ugly, and totally impractical. It is certainly different from traditional pickups, which apart from size have not really changed in concept in 100 years. Is it better than the tens of millions of pickups made during the past century? That remains to be seen, but as a concept vehicle it’s both exciting and profoundly interesting.”

The Tesla Cybertruck Dashboard Is Made From Paper, Not Marble

Robert Cumberford, the writer of the piece, was keen to point out than not only was its design excellent, but impregnated into it were several practical features such as the aerodynamic covering that rolls down over the bed, and the fact the suspension adjusts itself to allow the user to roll a bike or the like onto it.

While they do pick up on a few design choices that will need to be changed before a production model can take its shape, such as the obvious safety concerns of the angled body lines and the fact that there is no visible impact area which would absorb the energy from a crash, they maintain the opinion that the overall design is one of brilliance.

Both the Dual-Motor and Tri-Motor variants will start production for late 2021, with the Single-Motor variant going into production for the year before. At least 250,000 deposits have been taken for the pickup, according to CEO Elon Musk himself, and with the vehicle priced at only $49,990, $69,990 and $39,990 respectively, we expect to hear plenty more compliments when owners start getting them on the roads.

Written by Alex Harrington

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