Tesla Semi Enters Production Later This Year

An email from Tesla to reservation holders of the upcoming Tesla Semi has been leaked, revealing that the all-electric truck will begin production in a limited quantity in the second half of 2020.

While the Semi was originally planned for a late 2019 release, Tesla has often noted that it’s products have been pushed back due to additional improvements behind the scenes. Hopefully that’s what we’re going to see here.

The letter, shown above in the Twitter embed, outlines the testing and improvements that have been carried out by the Tesla team. It has been tested against ‘high energy, discreet events such as curb strikes, pot holes, and other hard inputs to confirm the truck is capable of handling common hazards’, plus changes have been made to make sure the design is production-ready (and legal on the road) compared to the concept version.

This also states that they have been working with CharIN and its stakeholders, sharing Tesla’s expertise in charging to it can be applied more efficiently to heavy-duty electric vehicles. This is very exciting, and could very well change how we perceive modern logistics.

Two variants of the truck will eventually be rolled out to customers, providing either 300 or 500 miles of range per charge and the power of four motors. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has however stated that the real life range of the vehicle would be closer to 600 miles, during a Q1 2018 earnings call. “Even if we didn’t improve our battery technology at all, we could achieve a 500-mile range truck. We’re gonna do better than 500 miles,” Musk said.

Jerome Guillen is taking lead on the Semi project after gaining excellent experience as Daimler’s head of Business Innovation. Thanks to this, the Semi certainly won’t be half baked. In fact, on its release, we would expect it to make a great deal of drama in the logistics industry boasting far superior performance, more safety, and of course clean running.

Written by Alex Harrington

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