Tesla Model 3 ‘Burnout Mode’ Allows The Car To Drift Like Never Before

Tesla Model 3 'Burnout Mode' Allows The Car To Drift Like Never Before

The incredibly successful Tesla Model 3 has been well-received by the market for its high performance, long range, and low price. But this specific car features a mode that sets even the toughest petrolheads’ heart on fire. It’s called burnout mode, and can be selected through the touch screen display through some secret, hidden buttons.

Turning on this mode, the car disables everything from its traction control to Autopilot features and ABS. It also shows you the face of CEO Elon Musk‘s troll face, just in case you didn’t know this was going to be good. Then, as you can see from the video, all sorts of manoeuvres are possible such as burnouts (duh) and endless drifting, as long as the tyres can take the enormous levels of torque.

The car looks at home as it slides sideways, but thanks to the EV powertrain, there’s no engine sound. It’s very eerie, and almost feels calm compared to the adrenaline rush that accompanies a screaming exhaust system.

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The skilled driver obviously knows what he’s doing and is on private land, so please don’t try this at home. But hey, I think we need to start a revolt. We need a feature like this on all Teslas, so if you fancy getting in touch with Elon and letting him know, that would be great.

Read the video’s description below:

So today we created a burnout mode accessible right from the Tesla model 3 display where we can simply switch it on and off with our great friend Elon keeping watch! Drop a comment and let us know if you’d like to learn how we managed to do it! Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus ( SR+ ) rear wheel drive!

Written by Alex Harrington

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