Tesla Charger Blocked By ICE-ing Mustang Owner – Gets Towed By Police

He’ll think again next time he flips off someone.

ICE-ing seems to be happening a lot lately. A car with an internal combustion engine will be parked in a space specifically reserved for charging a Tesla (or other EV) in a bid to cause annoyance. We’re not sure why people do it because simply, it looks immature and surely the outcome outweighs any amusement you get from not letting someone charge their car. The outcome that this driver got was a little more than he expected.

A twitter user going by the name of @dollarn9ne shared the incident to their account where they called out a couple of Ford owners who were blocking Tesla-only charging bays in Walnut Creek, California. On asking the Mustang owner to move, he simply replied with the middle finger. It was at this point the Tesla owner called the police.

The police arrived and before long, both Ford’s were being towed, the drivers were given tickets and a fine to pay for the tow, and a citation was given for knowingly blocking a charging space. Brilliant. On Twitter, though, many were arguing with the Tesla owners stating that where they were parked was for both Tesla and ICE cars. In fact, this wasn’t true. The side where the Fords were parked was reserved only for Teslas, but the opposite line of parking spaces was for both ICE and EVs with charging cars preferred. “Parking for All, but Charging Preferred,” a sign read.

This was the reason why he only alerted the police to the Ford drivers when there was a Lexus parked next to him.

Unfortunately, when some ICE-ers are confronted, they can retort with acts of vandalism against cars, so if you are a victim of this annoying game, simply call the police as they can do what’s necessary to move the instigators. Thanks to Tesla’s Sentry Mode, vandals have been caught before even without the driver around.

Written by Alex Harrington


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  1. Let’s paint people that drive cars with engines as villains as its a tesla report page… immature. Idiots are everywhere and will park badly be it in a charge bay, disabled bay or on double yellows. The way this story is reported is ridiculous.

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