Tesla CEO Elon Musk Has Released An EDM Track – Seriously

Don’t doubt ur vive Elon, never doubt ur vibe.

He’s conquered the road, he’s made it to space, and he’s on the very edge of making renewable energy cheap. Now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has set out to conquer the charts. Releasing a song to SoundCloud under his account Emo G Records yesterday, it’s already racked up 1.91 million clicks.

The EDM track is called Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe, and has received a very mixed response from fans. “I love Elon but this is garbage,” a SoundCloud user says, while another user says “I’m in, fully committed”. Another calls it “song of the year”. Now, you may not have the same thoughts. We have to say, some of the team aren’t so bothered either. But the fun of music is that it’s completely subjective.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, but be respectful, because I can see this getting a bit out of hand.

Written by Alex Harrington

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