Tesla AI Chip Developer Jim Keller Is Confident Tesla Will Achieve Autonomous Driving

The man behind Tesla’s autonomous driving hardware and computer chip that enables the car to perform in Autopilot says that he is confident he can solve the issues behind autonomous driving. Jim Keller previously worked for AMD before moving to Tesla in 2016.

It was that time, and soon after when a number of other AMD chip architects moved to Tesla, we expected the company to start working on its own chips. Before long, in 2018, Tesla revealed its working on an AI chip. Killer left Tesla in 2018 and his chip was unveiled last year.

Keller had never commented on his work with him now working at Intel, but in a recent interview on Lex Fridman’s AI podcast, he opened up about the work he did.

Keller is very confident that while Tesla has progressed more slowly than expected in regards to its autonomous driving plans, it will eventually get there. “Progress disappoints in the short run, surprises in the long run,” he says. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is planning to have reached a full self-driving system with driver supervision by the end of the year, with driver supervision slowly becoming less important over the next few years.

Written by Alex Harrington

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