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    Tesla Full Self-Driving v10 Isn’t As Good As Elon Musk Promised

    Tesla’s Full Self-Driving v10 has been seen in use on multiple videos now, and while we had huge expectations for this after Elon Musk described it as “mind-blowing”, mind-blowing it is not. There is, however, a certain amount of progress, after Tesla rolled out its FSD Beta v10 software update to its early access fleet […] More

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    Manhart As Painted A Grille Onto A Tesla Model 3 And It Looks Mega

    Manhart is a German tuner known for tuning high performance, usually German, ICE cars. But it’s just added another car to its portfolio in the shape of a Tesla Model 3. And while they’ve added a host of performance enhancements, the most obvious addition is a grille. But this grille is painted on. Yep. Well, […] More

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    Long-Term Ford Mustang Mach-E Reviews Are Now Hitting The Internet

    The Ford Mustang Mach-E has been on the road with customers behind their wheels for about eight months now. Finally, owners are coming out of the woodwork to talk us through the good and bad points of the car. One owner of the car is YouTuber New Ride Reviews. He bought his Standard Range RWD […] More

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    Tesla Roadster 2.0 Delayed Until 2023 At The Very Earliest

    Tesla CEO and Twitter deviant Elon Musk has revealed that the all-electric car manufacturer will maybe ship the Tesla Roadster in 2023, as long as there’s not “mega drama” in regards to supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. The Roadster was supposed to be delivered in 2020, but was pushed back multiple times due […] More

  • Tesla Model S With Crazy Aero Modifications Spotted At Nurburgring

    Tesla Model S Plaid Crashes At Nürburgring During Testing

    A Tesla Model S Plaid has crashed during testing at the famous German racing circuit, the Nürburgring while attempting to set a record, according to reports. The Model S Plaid is the fastest vehicle ever produced by Tesla, and according to Road and Track, was racing around the track alongside a 2022 Corvette Z06 prototype […] More

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    Tesla Model S Plaid And Rimac Nevera Drag Race In Clash Of Titans Video

    This is the race we all wanted to see. Finally, the two quickest production cars, a Model S Plaid and a Rimac Nevera, have gone up against each other on the drag strip to see which is fastest in reality, because we all know that manufacturers can bend their numbers. Look at the Tesla Model […] More

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    Rivian Trademarks Names For 6 New Electric Trucks And SUVs

    It’s been revealed by a user on the Rivian Owners Forum that the electric vehicle company has trademarked names for 6 trucks and SUVs. The names trademarked are R3S, R4S, R5S, R3T, R4T & R5T with the USPTO. There are next to no details known about these new models, although we can deduct from the company’s […] More

  • New Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S Plaid Price Increases Moments Ahead Of Launch

    Today, the Tesla Model S Plaid will launch, making history for the car company. But moments before the reveal, Tesla is increasing the price of the all-electric super saloon. $10,000 has been added to the price of the car, resulting in a $129,990 tag, but while this increase will shock some customers, the Model S […] More

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    SEC Believes Tesla Failed To Watch Over Elon Musk’s Tweets After 2018 Settlement

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been looking into Tesla after two tweets from Elon Musk, the first on May 1 2020, and the second from 2019.  Both of these tweets influenced the stock price of Tesla, meaning that Tesla had not correctly vetted them before being published as they were ordered to do […] More

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