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  • Whats-inside-Tesla-Biodefense-Filter

    What’s inside Tesla Biodefense Filter?

    Elon Musk made a Bio Weapon Defense Mode! We find out how to replace the Filter. This thing is huge! Watch every Tesla Ever Made: Buy some of our new merch! Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook:… Music from this video is from Epidemic Sound. […] More

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    Is Tesla’s £5,800 Full-Self Driving Upgrade worth it?

    Is Tesla’s £5,800 Full-Self Driving Upgrade worth it? Today I’m answering some of your frequently asked Questions about my Tesla Model 3 and this Youtube channel! Mainly we’re talking about Tesla’s Full Self Driving Capability upgrade which is currently on sale for £5,800 in the UK. 🔔 Subscribe so you never miss a video! Find […] More

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    Tesla Semi Design Lawsuit Rules In Favour Of Nikola Motors… For Now

    Nikola Motors has been trying to sue Tesla since the company revealed its Semi. The company is complaining that the Semi’s design infringes on its existing patents that they obtained for their own truck design, the Nikola One truck. The lawsuit has now moved a step further after Nikola Motors’ patents were upheld. These three patents […] More

  • Tesla Cybertruck To Get Smaller Version In The Future

    Elon Musk: The Tesla Cybertruck Will Float

    We’ve been waiting (not so) silently for more news regarding Tesla’s first all-electric pickup, the Cybertruck, and we haven’t been disappointed. With over 600,000 reservations, it’s fair to say the Cybertruck has already been a complete success, but CEO Elon Musk is still wowing us with features. The latest being the fact that the truck […] More

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    The Bollinger B2 All-Electric Pickup Is 614HP Off-Road Monster

    Bollinger is doing the bright thing for an EV car manufacturer already targetting a niche market. They’re specifically targetting the best-selling segment in the US which is currently, and has been for some time, trucks and SUVs. Now, the company’s first step into the market in the shape of the B1 SUV and B2 pickup […] More

  • Tesla To Upgrade Smart Summon Feature Very Soon After 1 Million Uses

    Tesla Models Will Soon Be Able To Park Themselves

    At some point this year, Tesla models will be able to drop you off at park themselves according to a recent comment from CEO Elon Musk. Last year, Tesla revealed a new ‘Smart Summon‘ feature, that allowed cars to drive from where they were parked and pick up the driver, as long as they were […] More

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    This InMotion V11 Unicycle Has Full Suspension and Can Reach 31MPH

    The world of EVs doesn’t only revolve around four wheels. We want to spread our wings and encompass all sorts of electric vehicles, whether that means trikes or even bikes. Today, we’re venturing into the one-wheel market, with the InMotion V11 3,000W electric unicycle. I’ve seen electric skateboards, but I’ve never seen someone using an […] More

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    Tesla RoboTaxi Plan Is Still Going Ahead This Year Says Elon Musk

    Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has stated that the company’s plan to have 1 million Robotaxis on the road by the end of this year is still on, but is still pending regulatory approval. The plan was introduced during Tesla’s Autonomy Day event last year, stating that by the end of 2020, there will be 1 […] More

  • How-Many-Cars-Did-Tesla-Make-in-Q1

    Tesla (TSLA) Stocks Skyrocket by 10% – Here’s Why

    Tesla stock (TSLA) rocketed this morning with an increase of 10% despite the market struggling under the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. The market of the US saw a number of corrections as several countries are being affected by Covid19. Since February, the S&P crashed more than 30%, but in the last two weeks, some […] More

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    The Ford F-150 Plugin Hybrid Reported To Have Only 10 Miles Electric Range

    Automakers are being forced to adopt some form of electrification. Ford promises 40 electrified vehicles by 2022, with 16 of these being purely electric and the rest being plugin hybrids. Obviously, Ford will focus on its most popular vehicles, with the most obvious of these being the F-150, the most popular car in America. News […] More

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