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    Tesla Reveals New ‘Gigabeer’ With Cyber Truck-Designed Bottle

    Tesla has been selling alcoholic beverages for a while. After releasing a one-of-a-kind bottle of Tequila, which was a tremendous success with the product selling out on the first day, Tesla announced it would sell Gigabeer bottled at its new Gigafactory outside Berlin, in Germany. The bottle they want to market the beer in is […] More

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    Tesla Model Y Shows Off Its Cool New Adaptive Headlights

    The upcoming German-made Tesla Model Y should bring lots of upgrades to the popular all-electric crossover, including new batteries. But from a video uploaded to Twitter by user Paul Kelly, there’s one really interesting aspect to the car that we haven’t known much about so far. In a demo by Tesla at Giga Fest at […] More

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    This Is Why Electric Cars Catch Fire: What You Need To Know

    Battery-powered vehicles, also known as electric cars or EVs, are regarded by many as the future of transportation and mobility. Automakers throwing money at this technology faster than they’ve ever thrown money at anything so they can continue to thrive in the future. It’s safe to say that people are buying them by the truckload, […] More

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    Tesla Must Pay $137 Million In Damages To Employee After Racist Harassment Case

    Tesla must pay $137 million in damages to a black former elevator operator who experienced racial harassment and prejudice at the firm’s Fremont plant after it was ruled by a jury in California. According to CNBC and The Washington Post, Owen Diaz worked at the facility as a contractor between June 2015 and May 2016. […] More

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    Elon Musk Reveals Tesla ‘Robo Van’ With Hopes To “Address People With Disability”

    Despite the second-generation Tesla Roadster being pushed back to a 2023 release, Elon Musk has dropped yet another bomb, revealing the idea of a ‘Robo Van’ that will be built around the idea of helping people with disabilities. This news came from an all-hands meeting, where CEO Elon Musk reportedly referenced the idea. Apparently, not […] More

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    Tesla Cybertruck Production Pushed Back To 2022

    It’s been confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck production has been pushed back to 2022. And this isn’t surprising as almost every Tesla product has had a history of setbacks. Not long ago, the Cybertruck was having its production date pushed back to the end of 2021. Unfortunately, there’s a much longer wait now. It was […] More

  • The Tesla Cybertruck Dashboard Is Made From Paper, Not Marble

    The Tesla Cybertruck Won’t Have Any Door Handles, Says Elon Musk

    Elon Musk has teased more of the Cybertruck with a recent tweet revealing that the all-electric pickup won’t have any door handles. A follower of Elon Musk on Twitter tweeted to him, asking for more hints about what’s to come: “Would be bad ass if @elonmusk had a little bit of time on his hand […] More

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    Tesla Shutting Down Its Tilburg Factory After Model S & X Upgrade

    Tesla is closing down its Tilburg factory in the Netherlands where it performed the final assembly of the Model S and X. Now, with a refresh of the X and S on the cards, it’s being shut down, or possible repurposed for other uses. The factory assembles cars for the European market, and has an […] More

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    Tesla Hacked with 222 Factory Cameras Taken Over

    Tesla, along with a number of other companies, has been been hacked, allowing the hacking group to gain access to 222 cameras in Tesla-owned factories and warehouses. It began with a security startup company named Verkada, that was targeted by the group, giving them access to over 150,000 cameras that were connected to the internet. […] More

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    New Tesla Model S With Yoke Steering Wheel Has Been Spotted On The Road

    While it angered some who argued that the yoke steering wheel wouldn’t work on the road, the new Tesla Model S with said steering wheel design has now been spotted in the wild. This is our first public look at the new interior in real life, and we’re now wondering what it’s like to drive. […] More

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    Elon Musk’s Tesla Bitcoin Gamble Into Bitcoin Is Looking Very Profitable

    Only a week or so ago, Tesla made headlines when the company invested $1,5billion into the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It left TSLA investors puzzled, and questioning the reasoning behind such a move. So far, though, Tesla’s Bitcoin investments are looking incredibly promising, with the $1.5 billion currently looking like it could make more of a profit […] More

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