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    This Tesla Model 3 Can Sound Like It’s Powered By A V8, V10, or V12

    A custom exhaust company from the UK has produced an app for the Tesla Model 3, allowing the car to produce a number of engine sounds when it’s being driven. Obviously, being EVs, all Tesla Models are for the most part silent. But this app could certainly turn some potential customers that prefer the sound […] More

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    Tesla Rolls Out Driver-Activated Bluetooth Pairing Update

    Tesla has included a brilliant feature in the new update 2020.8.1 that has been rolled out recently. Now, instead of the owner’s phone connecting to the car’s Bluetooth when they go near the car or open the door, the car will pair with a smartphone only when someone sits in the driver’s seat and all […] More

  • Tesla Cybertruck To Get Smaller Version In The Future

    Tesla Cybertruck: What States Are The Pre-Orders Coming From?

    The Tesla Cybertruck almost broke the internet on its release late last year. Not only did it look like nothing we’d ever seen before, but the shattered “bulletproof” glass incident was hilarious, and therefore went viral. But quickly the pre-orders started rolling in – not a surprise when it’s only $100 – and quickly the […] More

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    Tesla Rolls Out New Software With Track Mode, Improved Regen Braking, And Much More

    Tesla is beginning to roll out a new over-the-air update which includes a number of additional features and improvements. Updates have been coming slowly this year, but the latest update, 2020.8, is the biggest update so far for 2020. But due to Tesla rolling the update out very slowly, not a lot is known regarding […] More

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    Tesla Releasing More Fully Self-Driving Features Later This Month

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that the company plans to release more self-driving features later this month. Unfortunately, he didn’t define what these new features would be, but we have a few ideas as to what they could involve. Currently, Tesla has two buckets of autonomous driving options. One is Autopilot, which allows the […] More

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    Tesla Delivers Multiple Model 3s Without Self-Driving Computer Installed

    Tesla has delivered a number Model 3s to customers without their self-driving computers installed. The company is now blaming its supply chain for this error. The Tesla Self Driving Computer should be built into every Tesla sold after April 2019. Designed in-house, it is capable of providing the vehicles with more advanced self-driving features thanks […] More

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    Tesla Releases $5,500 ‘Model 3 Track Package’ For Better On-Track Performance

    Tesla has released a new hardware package for the popular Model 3 called the ‘Model 3 Track Package’. It costs $5,500 (including installation) and features a host of performance-enhancing upgrades. There have been countless attempts, especially by YouTubers and social media stars who have wanted to upgrade their Model 3s for track use. Only a […] More

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    Tesla Building Model Y Stockpile at Fremont California Factory

    Tesla’s Fremont Factory car park has been growing a collection of Model Ys ahead of delivery which is beginning next month. The Model Y, based on Model 3 architecture but in a crossover style, started production earlier than expected with deliveries planned for Fall of 2020. However, with things moving faster behind the scenes that […] More

  • The Tesla Cybertruck Dashboard Is Made From Paper, Not Marble

    Tesla Cybertruck: A Number Of Design Changes Coming According To Elon Musk

    More information has been revealed regarding the Tesla Cybertruck that will be starting production in 2021 from CEO Elon Musk. The controversial design has been mocked by many since its reveal late last year, and this has pushed discussion on social media. Musk was asked on Twitter if the design of the all-electric pickup truck […] More

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    Tesla Offering Quicker Model Y Delivery For Those Who Change Their Configuration

    The Tesla Model Y is now being delivered to customers after a long wait, but for those wanting to get their hands on a Y sooner rather than later, Tesla has hinted at changing their configurations. It sounds as though production volume is higher than the actual demand for a specific spec. So far, Tesla […] More

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    The NTSB Blames Tesla And Apple For Fatal Autopilot Crash

    Both Tesla and Apple are under fire from the NTSB after a car that was on Autopilot crashed, resulting in the driver’s death in 2018. A board meeting was happened today “to determine the probable cause of the fatal crash” where a Model X hit the median barrier Highway 101 in Mountain View, California on March 23, […] More

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    Tesla Is Trying To Change The Law To Give The Semi The Edge Over Competition

    With the Tesla Semi looking to be a powerful instrument in the company’s portfolio of EVs, it’s no surprise that CEO Elon Musk and his team are looking at every way possible they can increase the income and efficiency of the all-electric truck. Today, it’s been revealed that they’re trying to change a law that […] More

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