This Punch E-Bike Looks So Good it Hurts

Electric bikes are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. They are usually cool, often rugged, and always eco-friendly. However, very few can hold a candle to the timeless design creds as the Punch! E-bike designed by Artem Smirnov. The Punch was inspired by 80s cafe racers, as almost all stylish bikes should be. It comes with two quick-detachable … Read more

Nissan Experiments with Allowing Visitors to Pay for Parking with Electricity

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more reasons to visit Japan, Nissan goes and drops details on their new Nissan Pavilion exhibition in Yokohama. The 10,000 square-meter facility showcases the possibilities of the company’s electric offerings, and has a very intriguing zero-emissions operation. Not only does the pavilion have solar and hydroelectric power, … Read more