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    Johnny Cash’s Rolls-Royce Gets an EV-Swap Tesla Powertrain

    It’s hard to imagine someone like Johnny Cash, with his devil-may-care attitude and bad boy reputation driving around in a Tesla-swapped Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from 1970. However, now you don’t need to imagine it, because Shift EV has gone and made it a reality. Working on the project for almost and entire year, their team […] More

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    Tesla News: Model 3 Doubles as a Boat in Chinese Floods

    If you’re not aware, a lot has been going on in China lately. Apart from the big news you see, there have also been a series of insane deluges wiping away whole swathes of the country. Despite the troubles being caused by immense rainfall and the suspicious workmanship responsible for the crumbling Three Gorges Dam, […] More

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    This Punch E-Bike Looks So Good it Hurts

    Electric bikes are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. They are usually cool, often rugged, and always eco-friendly. However, very few can hold a candle to the timeless design creds as the Punch! E-bike designed by Artem Smirnov. The Punch was inspired by 80s cafe racers, as almost all stylish bikes should be. It comes with two quick-detachable […] More

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    Yamaha Debuts Sleek Electric Motors for Motorcycles, Cars, and Everything in Between

    We don’t hear much about Yamaha when it comes to the EV rat-race. While the Japanese company is partially owned by Toyota, and likely to produce some sort of EV in the future, it’s been radio silence about electric motors until now. Eager to please, Yamaha has now shown off their surprisingly good-looking new electric […] More

  • What Exactly Is The Tesla Cybertruck Glass, And Did It Really Work?

    Tesla News: Musk’s Cybertruck Stance Unwavering as CEO Takes Shots at Old-Auto

    At this point, few people can honestly say they don’t like the Tesla Cybertruck. Many of us scratched heads when it first was shown in the round, but came around in due time. That didn’t stop a recent interview for Automotive News from pressing Elon Musk on the possibility of a failed Cybertruck launch. In […] More

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    Nissan Experiments with Allowing Visitors to Pay for Parking with Electricity

    Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more reasons to visit Japan, Nissan goes and drops details on their new Nissan Pavilion exhibition in Yokohama. The 10,000 square-meter facility showcases the possibilities of the company’s electric offerings, and has a very intriguing zero-emissions operation. Not only does the pavilion have solar and hydroelectric power, […] More

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    Tesla News: Modded Model Ys have Arrived, and They’re Fabulous

    Sometimes the world gets in perfect sync, and you’re greeted by a pair of new modified Model Y Teslas at the same time. Today is one of those days, and we’re going to dive into a couple of videos featuring very cool builds of everyone’s favorite electric crossover. First, we have a Model Y that […] More

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    Fisker Announces Three New Models Planned for Release by 2025

    Everyone’s favorite underdog, Fisker, has announced that it will release three more electric vehicles in addition to its planned 2022 Ocean SUV release. The company has yet to release their first model, but has been increasingly confident in their planned roll out. Fisker will now be making a “super sports” car, as well as a […] More

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    Electric Vehicle Shares Double Year-Over-Year in Europe for June

    Back in the May, Bloomberg put out an outlook report on the adoption of electric vehicles. They projected a %2.7 market share of electric vehicles by 2020, a %10 new car sales rate by 2025, and a %58 number for 2040. Well, Europe’s electric car sales figures are in for  the month of June, and […] More

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    Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Prototype Shown Working in New Video

    The electric pickup segment is about to pop off into a real battle royale between both big and small companies alike. With a couple of key startups looking to carve out their own niche, Lordstown Motors has an eye on the real “working man.” They unveiled their Endurance truck, in front of a giant American […] More

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