Elon Musk’s Model 3’s Innovation Slaps Critics Right In The Face

With every vehicle unveiling, Tesla is attacked with vicious comments and dozens of harsh critics. From the vehicles’ designs to almost science fiction-like features, Tesla managed to captivate both car enthusiasts and the skeptics. However, Elon Musks seems to be winning as his innovation slaps critics right in the face. Which Tesla’s “invention” made you … Read more

Hacker ‘Green’ Spills The Beans On Tesla’s Model Y Extra Upgrades

A leak from Tesla’s software reveals a line up of extra upgrades to its less-than-a-year electric SUV Model Y. Hacker “Green” speculated Tesla is adding an efficiency package for Model Y. Just a month ago, Tesla announced additional range enhancements for both Model Y versions. The Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual mother increased from … Read more