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    Tesla Model Y Homelink Install & Setup

    Are you having trouble installing your Homelink into your Tesla? This brilliant installation video from DÆrik walks you through the steps of setting up Homelink to automatically open and close your garage doors. To install the device, you must take your Tesla to a service centre where specialists will usually take off the front bumper, in […] More

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    Model 3 News To Come This Sunday

    The long wait for the Tesla Model 3 release date is about to come to an end! According to a recent tweet, a release date for the Model 3 will be revealed this Sunday, July 2nd. The tweet came in response to a fan on Twitter who mentioned that the speculation and teasing surrounding the […] More

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    BMW Announces Electric 3-Series Sedans To Go Up Against the Model 3

    With the production start of the Tesla Model 3 looming, it’s no surprise at all that BMW might be feeling the heat. It has long been rumored that the Model 3, if successful, will take a pretty big bite out of the 3 Series customer base. To avoid that possible scenario, BMW has taken matters […] More

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    Watch a Porsche Lose Its Dignity Trying to Keep Up With a Model S

    The Tesla Model S’s Ludicrous Mode is truly, well, ludicrous. It makes the Model S one of the more potent performance cars out there, even when going head to head against some pretty well-established performance vehicles. Case in point, the example below. Here we have a Porsche Cayman GT4 pulling up behind a Model S […] More

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    A Look Into Elon Musk’s Plans to Colonize Mars

    Of all the outlandish ideas to pop into Elon Musk’s head, his plans to colonize Mars and beyond may stand as his most outrageous. For those who aren’t familiar with this, Elon Musk has plans to colonize other parts of the solar system, which includes Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, and Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The plan […] More

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    Tesla Solar Panels Have Arrived In Stores

    If you’re interested in solar power for your home but don’t want to shell out all that dough for a Tesla Roof, then you have another option: the Tesla solar panels. And starting now, you can walk into select Tesla stores and buy these panels for yourself. Last March, Tesla submitted a SEC filing which […] More

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    Autopilot VS Cyclists: Who Wins?

    Not all heroes wear capes. How many of you have heard that saying? In this Autopilot 1.0 test (firmware 8.1), YouTube users Kman and his associate Mike Anthony test out how efficient Autopilot is at avoiding cyclists…by placing Mike on a bike while a Model S is driven at him at various speeds. This Autopilot […] More

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    Can Model 3 Production Really Hit 10,000 Units/Week in 2018?

    The Model 3 is starting production in July, which is just around the corner, and Tesla has often made comments about how many units of the Model 3 they intend to get into drivers’ hands by this year and beyond. Branded as Tesla’s first mass-market car, the Model 3 will have to actually focus on […] More

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    Tesla Interested in Starting Music Streaming Service

    As if running Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, and SolarCity weren’t enough, Elon Musk has another project he wants to get started: a music streaming service. Because why not? Honestly, of all the things I could have guessed for Elon Musk to take an interest in, a music streaming service was pretty low on my […] More

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    Volvo Takes the Fight To Tesla With a Rebranded Polestar

    It seems like Tesla has a new competitor in the electric vehicle business as Volvo has announced that they will make their Polestar line of cars into Polestar Performance, a standalone brand within Volvo. The move allows Polestar to continue making BMW M and Mercedes AMG competitors while also taking the fight to Tesla by […] More

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