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    Tesla Model 3 Acceleration Boost Upgrade for $2000 Found in Fine Print

    Over the past year, Tesla has been sending over the air software updates to Model 3s, which have benefited their owners in range, power and charging capacities. In the upgrade section of customer’s Model 3 profiles for both dual motors and SR+ owners, some Tesla Owners have been seeing the following: The latest power increase […] More

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    Spark Charge Portable Charger for Teslas and Electric Vehicles

    Recently on one of the great Tesla Facebook Groups, David Sanchez shared a moment he had while charging up his car over at the super charger in Glendale, CA. Looks like the gas can of the future and definitely something owners of electric vehicles would love to keep in their trunk for those extra long […] More

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    SEMA 2019: Tesla Powered Porsche 911 Classic with RWB Body Kit

    With all the debate about who’s faster, one builder decides to bury the hatchet and show how modern day technology and classic styling can be married together into a beautiful combination: As you can see here, the car is lined with the famous plaid speed everyone is striving for these days along with the familiar […] More