Tesla Surges Forward With Formula E Possibilities While Others Pull Out

Will Tesla ever compete in Formula E? More than likely… no. That’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims and he insists that “output and scalability” are far more crucial. While Tesla is pegged to produce some of the greatest electric cars ever built, their implementation in motorsport is far from the CEO’s objective. However, this did … Read more

What Is Graphene The Material To Kickstart The Future Of EVs

Graphene, the wonder material first extracted in 2004, has been long touted as the next big thing in the world of science and technology. Its two-dimensional form could mean the advent of space-elevators, ultra-capacitors, intelligent eye-contacts, and everything in between. Basically, graphene’s mass-production and adoption would mean a new era for humanity. Since its properties … Read more

Sentry Video Shows Nissan Leaf Owner Unplugging Tesla- But The Ethics Aren’t So Simple

In a recent Youtube upload by user, Tesla P3D, we can see a woman caught on their sentry-mode camera unplugging their Model 3, to use the charger for their own Nissan Leaf. What a terrible thing, right? Well, yes, and no…but definitely yes. Okay, truth told, it is more complicated by that, and our first … Read more

Newly Published Research Projects 58% EV Adoption Rate By 2040

Right off the bat, Bloomberg’s projection of 58% electric market share by 2040 sounds fantastic. However, I suggest we go through their new BNEF findings, and talk about why they aren’t aggressive enough. Shall we? The research paper, titled “Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020,” covers many great talking points, including the 87% decrease in li-ion battery … Read more

Current Problems With The Tesla Model 3

It’s been months and months since the Tesla Model 3 was released, so some really detailed reviews are starting to leak onto the pages of YouTube. Most of these are crammed with positive thoughts, but you must allow for some negativity – especially towards a car company that is still in its infancy. Like Tesla, … Read more