Take A Look Inside Tesla Gigafactory Berlin With This Excellent Drone Footage

Drone footage of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin has been published to YouTube. Not only has this shown us the true scale of the work, but some of the interior shots give us an update on the tools they’re using to produce new Tesla models. Despite recent delays thanks to environmentalists and other legal issues, … Read more

Tesla’s Cybertruck Design Significantly Flawed According To Designer

The Cybertruck is a vehicle that is so controversial that if it were to crash, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla would come up with a more typical pickup. The Cybertruck still appears to polarize about a year after its launch, with those who were originally critical of it still holding by that feeling. But a … Read more

Hacker Shares Tesla’s FSD’s Cool Augmented Reality View

The Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta from Tesla appears to be getting bigger by the week. Tesla hacker-owner @greentheonly discovered in a recent series of updates what may very well be one of the coolest features advanced driver-assist suite to date: an augmented reality display. Tesla owners now could see just what their cars could see … Read more

Tesla China Sales Looks At Q4 Rise Thanks To Shanghai’s New Plate Policy

Due in large part to Shanghai’s updated license plate regulations, Tesla China could rewrite its outstanding sales performance for the Model 3 this December. A leak from the Secretary-General of the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) Cui Dongshu that 6,846 Model 3 units were sold in Shanghai last month. Shanghai’s November Model 3 purchases accounted … Read more

Tesla’s Semi & Convoy Mode Creates Market From EU Commission’s Mobility Transport

Tesla may have a solid footing in the European market with Tesla Semi and its Convoy Mode as the EU Commission pushes for “sustainable and smart transportation” options. EU Commission’s program Sustainable and Smart Mobility Policy was launched last week.  The approach centered on three main factors: sustainability, smart mobility, and durability. It contained targets … Read more

Tesla’s Cybertruck Production-Ready Exterior Details Revealed In A Concept Art

Pick up trucks are about function and durability, so it’s no surprise that US pickup trucks are built to take almost anything that could be thrown at them. The intimidating physique of pick-up trucks like Ford F-150 Raptor is one of one major selling points of these things.  Like the next-generation Roadster and Model 3 … Read more

Tesla Gives Free Supercharging For A Year To Model 3 and Model Y Buyers

Automaker Tesla is offering a one-year free Supercharging for Model 3 and Model Y buyers who receive an inventory vehicle before 2020 ends. Aside from Tesla’s end-of-year revenue drive, the latest Supercharging bid typically raises the company’s work pace to reach annual distribution and output expectations.   Teslarati verified the campaign by speaking to a representative … Read more

Tesla: UK Powerwall Is Completed Making It The Latest In The Country

A 250 kW solar panel array has been installed on the roof of the Portsmouth City Council’s Hilsea Industrial Estate, incorporating the already existing 50 kW system that the site was already using. On top of this, to complement this impressive system, Tesla has built its largest UK-based Powerwall installation, capable of storing 135 kW … Read more