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  • Tesla Model 3 'Smart Summon' Tested In Snow For First Time

    Tesla Model 3 ‘Smart Summon’ Tested In Snow For First Time

    The YouTuber Daniel Spalding has tested his Model 3′s ‘Smart Summon‘ feature in what seems to be the first recorded example of it being used in snow. The car ultimately performs with no issues despite the low visibility. With snow covering the ground, and therefore any road markings, the red Multi-Coat Model 3 is called […] More

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    Tesla Model 3 Autoparking Walkthrough

    Cars these days are big. And while the Tesla Model 3 isn’t the biggest of cars, or even Teslas, it can be a challenge to park on days of low visibility. Or sometimes, maybe you just can’t be bothered. Fortunately for those of you who don’t want to bother parking the car yourself, you can […] More

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    Do Tesla’s AutoWipers Really Work?

    With Tesla recently rolling out a software update to enable autowipers in the rain, people have been wishing for rainfall just so they can test out the new feature. this includes our friend, Erik, over on his YouTube channel. You can watch his video below! So, do they actually work? Yes… and no. Erik first […] More