How Does Ice Affect the Tesla Model 3?

There are lots of moving parts on Teslas. while they may not have a complicated combustion engine, they still have countless gizmos and gadgets that can be thwarted by extreme conditions. Ice, a condition that’s on a lot of people’s minds lately, is one of them. But what does it do to a Tesla Model … Read more

How To Adjust The Tesla Model 3 Steering Wheel

Feeling comfortable in your car is of huge importance. Not being comfortable can increase the rate of fatigue, it can make turning the wheel difficult, and can be an unnecessary strain on your driving. Most cars have a level of interior personalisation in regards to the movement of the seats, wheel, and pedals. The Tesla … Read more

Tesla Front License Plate Solutions

As I’m sure you know, the Tesla Model X is supplied without a front registration plate. In some states and countries this is perfectly fine, in others, such as California, you’ll get ticketed for it, as our owner Gary found out. He received three tickets in four weeks, each for about $25. So what are … Read more

How To Charge Your Tesla Model 3

I remember when I bought my first car. Of course, it came from the dealer with hardly a mouthful of fuel, so my first stop was a fuel station. This is where I wish I had read the manual, as my fuel filler cap was a strange one. Putting the key in and twisting didn’t … Read more