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Mustang Mach-E Photographed Charging Next to Tesla Model Y

With Ford’s entry into the affordable EV market just around the corner, it is now high time to start seeing production units out in the wild. Thankfully for us, that’s just what happened, and the Twitter user who found a Mach-E at a charging station, snapped some candid shots.

Simon Wong, @Simontaneously on Twitter, went to a charging station in Waterloo, Ontario with his Tesla Model Y. When he pulled up, Ford’s $43,000 competitor-to-be was just chilling there, begging for a comparison.

As you can see from the photoset, the Model Y is a bit taller and bigger around in general. Wong points out in a tweet that the door handles are very interesting. They’re just little plastic nubs, like something you’d expect on an IKEA kitchen.

From what we can tell from the badging, this is the Mach-E 4 X, which most likely means AWD Extended Range. As pictured, it would cost around $60,000. Honestly, the badge isn’t very tasteful, and doesn’t communicate very clearly the differences in this trim.

Apparently, Ford works with software development teams in Waterloo, who likely got the car early to test. The tag says the car was registered as early as February, which could be true, especially if roads were mostly abandoned or they kept it hidden away.

What do you guys think, does seeing the Mach-E next to a Tesla change your opinion of either vehicle in any way?

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