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Tesla Model S Driver Jumps 50 Feet Totalling Car In Reckless Stunt

YouTuber, Alex Choi, filmed a $150,000 Tesla Model S jumping 50 feet in the Elysian Heights neighbourhood in Los Angeles.

Choi was part of a Tesla car meet-and-drive and at the end of the evening, someone wanted to show Choi where David Dobrik jumped his Tesla. Out  of curiosity, he followed and parked up where he was told. Then out of nowhere, the man races past and jumps his far into the air.

With not the cleanest landing, the car crashes down and screeches to a stop at the bottom of the hill. Everyone is left in shock and rushes to see if the driver and passengers are okay.

Choi drives down to the bottom of the hill passing a huge amount of debris from the car, damage to the road, and even a completely mangled bin. Luckily, the driver was okay but the Tesla was completely totalled in this dangerous stunt.

Later on in the video, Choi revealed that the driver didn’t do any test runs. He just turned up and went straight into the jump. The driver had even picked up a stray cat which he took to the meet and he had the cat in the car with him whilst he did the jump. Thankfully the cat was okay, but could have easily been injured.

The driver and passengers got out of the Model S after the crash-landing and abandoned the car.