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Tesla News: Gigafactory Berlin Gets First Render, Features Rooftop Club

“Gigafactory is the product even more than the car,” was how Elon Musk responded to tweets regarding the first render of Tesla’s newest factory in Berlin. The sleek new design for their giant factory has some nods to past jokes, but mostly interesting decisions at how the Model Y and 3 will wind up production next year.

Last night, Musk tweeted the render of Giga-Berlin. Immediately, followers started questioning the CEO on the rooftop lounge. In the past, Musk has said there would be a rave-cave underneath the factory. Now, he’s changed his tune to, “might be an indoor/outdoor rave space on the roof.”

When asked if that was a pool on the roof, Musk responded “sure.” He also confirmed that the plant will obviously have solar panels, as shown.

We can see from the scale of the people and Semi-trucks in the rendering just how massive the factory will be. In recent applications to the government, Tesla reworked some of the layout of the factory. They continued with the building process while awaiting approval.

When you look at the paperwork which was filed, you can see that the render is of the first phase of the factory. The separate building in the back corresponds with the drive unit facility on the overhead schematics.

With the close proximity to existing railway lines, the factory will have a giant rail-yard going in behind it to facilitate the shipping of all their cars. Although it’s not as neat as a rave-cave, it’s still pretty nifty to see what they intend for all this land.

I’m still wondering what Musk means by the factory being more of a product than the cars.


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