Tesla Hacked with 222 Factory Cameras Taken Over

Tesla, along with a number of other companies, has been been hacked, allowing the hacking group to gain access to 222 cameras in Tesla-owned factories and warehouses. It began with a security startup company named Verkada, that was targeted by the group, giving them access to over 150,000 cameras that were connected to the internet. … Read more

Tesla: One Tweet Has Cost Elon Musk $15.2 Billion

Mere moments ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was the richest person in the world. Following his rise up the list, Tesla invested $1.5 billion into the cryptocurrency Bitcoin with the company teasing that they’d soon be selling cars using the currency. But now a single tweet from the often controversial CEO has lost him $15.2 … Read more

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bitcoin Gamble Into Bitcoin Is Looking Very Profitable

Only a week or so ago, Tesla made headlines when the company invested $1,5billion into the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It left TSLA investors puzzled, and questioning the reasoning behind such a move. So far, though, Tesla’s Bitcoin investments are looking incredibly promising, with the $1.5 billion currently looking like it could make more of a profit … Read more