Tesla India Launch Delayed UPDATED

UPDATE: India’s commerce and industry ministry clarified today that only foreign retailers, not manufacturers, are required to source a portion of their components locally. Foreign investors are allowed to sell in any manner. Tesla’s plans to start selling cars in India as early as this summer have been delayed, according to a tweet by Tesla … Read more

Did Tesla Influence Ford CEO’s Firing?

We are at a crossroads in the current automotive industry. Consumers are witnessing a huge changing of the guard, where the original carmakers are on the cusp of a usurping by the young, tech-friendly thundercats from Silicon Valley. We’ve seen it time and time again through the business world, and one needs to look no … Read more

Tesla Planning To Release In-Car App For Solar Roof/Powerwall Monitoring

Picture yourself sitting in your Model 3 in heavy rush hour traffic. You’re bored to tears, so you start scrolling through your car’s console. You cycle through music, some readouts of your car, the weather, and…your home’s Powerwall and solar roof info? That’s right, Tesla intends to put all your home’s power information right into … Read more