Elon Musk Reveals Date on Tesla Semi

The future of autonomous vehicles is slowly becoming a reality and the concept will be taking a huge leap forward in September when Tesla Unveils their electric semi-truck. From cars to SUVs to upcoming pickup trucks and vans, Tesla is on the way to soon having a vehicle representing each class currently on the road. … Read more

AutoNation CEO Calls Tesla a “Great Ponzi Scheme”

Tesla quick rise to success has ruffled some feathers in the automotive world, according to USA Today. Mike Jackson, the CEO of AutoNation, had some choice words to say about Tesla’s meteoric rise. AutoNation is the largest automotive dealership chain in the US, and Mr. Jakcson’s comments further sour an already testy relationship between traditional … Read more

Tesla Unveils New Low Profile Solar Panels

If you’re looking to add Tesla’s solar power system to your home but don’t relish the idea of having to switch out your entire roof to the glass solar roof system, then we have the perfect option for you. Tesla has just announced that in addition to their solar roof system, they will now be … Read more

Grohmann Engineering To Drop All Other Clients And Focus On Model 3 Production

Tesla acquired Grohmann Engineering last year, but the transition hasn’t been the smoothest. Just a few weeks after the buyout, Klaus Grohmann, the company’s founder, left according to a recent headquarters visit by Tesla co-founder and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel. In addition to losing their founder, Grohmann announced that they will drop all their … Read more

Hyperloop Reveals 11 Potential US Routes

With Hyperloop One becoming closer and closer to a reality, Tesla has revealed eleven routes across the United States that hold the most potential. Deployment of Hyperloop system has gained a lot of traction overseas in markets like Dubai, so it’s nice to some news on the domestic side of the Hyperloop implementation. These eleven … Read more