Tesla News: Audi CEO Thinks They are Catching Up in Battery Tech

Audi apparently doesn’t think Tesla has a substantial battery technology lead on their German competition. Apparently, electric vehicles which seem generations superior to their counterparts, need to be worried about something called “seven-mile boots.” We’re going to give Audi CEO, Markus Duesmann, the benefit of the doubt here. The guy has confidence, and he should. … Read more

Audi Rumors Swirl Around A9 E-Tron Flagship

We often see outlandish concept cars and have to piece together where companies will take the designs when aspects come to production. Following that convention, we have Audi’s Aicon project, first shown in 2017, and their secretive Artemis R&D division. Now, according to Autocar, we are hearing that the Artemis team may be working on … Read more