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    Germany Moving Towards Groundbreaking Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

    We’re always having to take any word about autonomous vehicles with a grain of salt. Maybe they’ll be better in a few month, or a few years, but what about if they aren’t allowed for civilian use because of legislators? Germany has decided to tackle that question head on. The Transportation Ministry recently gave some […] More

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    NEVS Autonomous Robo-Taxi Launching in Stockholm

    If you aren’t familiar with NEVS, then perhaps you’d be interested to know that they are a Chinese-Swedish firm that bought up SAAB when it went bankrupt back in 2011. Now, the company has been working on a new autonomous pod system, which they’re calling Sango. They have unveiled the Sango electric robo-taxi, which will […] More

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    200-Mile Self-Driving Car Test Route Coming To The UK

    In a nice development for our friends in the UK, area around the University of Warwick, Coventry, Solihull, and central Birmingham will be getting a nearly 200 mile stretch of autonomous vehicle testing road. The cool thing is that the project, called Midlands Future Mobility, will use pre-existing roadways, so not much infrastructure will have […] More