Tesla News: Autosteer on City Streets Coming to Tesla Full Self Driving ‘in a Few Months”

In an exciting new update, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla’s Full Self Driving will be getting an update to switch lanes automatically on city streets. According to a Twitter response, Musk claims the feature, called Autosteer, will be coming in “a few months in production release.” In a few months in production release. Already does … Read more

Tesla News: Germany Decides Autopilot Misleading Now UK Eyes Wording

Autopilot and Full Self Driving get a lot of flak. In fairness, they do sound a little more promising than they actually are at present. A German court agreed last week, saying that Tesla has been misrepresenting the capabilities of their cars. The Munich-based court decided that the Autopilot and FSD titles are essentially false-advertising. … Read more

Tesla News: Musk Tweets Details on Fundamental Autopilot Rewrite

There is so much going on with Tesla, especially their Autopilot and Full Self Driving, that you would be forgiven for not keeping up with the details. Elon Musk recently Tweeted about how the company has been performing a fundamental re-write to the code behind their self-driving AI. It should mean a big leap forward … Read more

Tesla News: Autopilot Filmed Going Through Green Traffic Light

Recently Tesla started pushing out a new OTA update called “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control” Up until this new feature, Tesla’s Autopilot would go through traffic lights without really acknowledging their changing states. Now, it detects the color of the light, represents in on the display, and can stop to require confirmation before proceeding. … Read more

Tesla News: Autopilot Soon Getting 3D Speed Limit Sign Recognition and Roundabout Support

One of the bet things about Tesla vehicles, aside from how they’re always improving, is the community members who know a lot about computers. It may sound silly to some, but there are legit hackers in the Tesla community, who open up the code of their cars and find secret hints at the improvements coming … Read more

Check Out This Soothing Video Of Tesla Autopilot Driving A Man To Work With Almost No Intervention

Some find Tesla’s long-promised Full Self Driving and Autopilot features questionable. Like all things that come out in a beta format, they can draw a lot of scrutiny for operation errors in their early days. However, you can’t deny the software and hardware that Tesla says will drive us around some day has improved substantially … Read more

Tesla News: Price Of Fulls Self Driving To Increase By $1,000 July 1st

Elon Musk recently went to Twitter, as he does, to announce an upcoming $1,000.00 raise in the price of Full Self Driving additions to Tesla’s cars. He Says that the price hike will be probably coming July 1st. Only a couple of weeks ago Tesla announced an upcoming subscription model for the same Autopilot functions. … Read more