Tesla News: Autobidder Starts Operating in Europe for First Time

Recently Elon Musk has described Tesla’s energy division as a potentially more profitable operation than even their car business. With a couple of large scale battery installations widely reported over the past couple of years, and their solar business expanding, the next step was capitalizing off the trade off all the energy they were storing. … Read more

Tesla News: Nine Megapack Batteries Deployed At Alberta Wind Farm

Tesla’s grid-level solutions have been seeing rapid adoption all around the globe. With their newest product, the Megapack, starting to be deployed at more sites, Tesla’s newest costumer is a Alberta’s TransAlta. The power company has taken delivery of a series of the giant batteries, at one of their sites, called Summerview Wind Farm. With … Read more

Tesla News: Chinese Battery Partner Hypes 16-Year Over 1-Million Mile Battery

In one of the worst kept secrets of modern time, Tesla has been working towards announcing the advent of a million-mile battery. They’ve also been working towards a battery with no cobalt content. These two things both could have been the subject of Tesla’s postponed Battery Investor’s day, but fate wouldn’t have it. However, we … Read more

This Solar Yacht Could Find You Sailing The Seas Utility-Free For $500,000

Forget an Earthship home or some Tesla roof, I want to sail the open seas, like Kevin Costner. The only problem, I’m terrified of maintaining a boat! Well, Singaporean yacht company, Azura Marine may just have that taken care of, with their new Aquanima 40, a solar-powered, battery-amended catamaran. These unlimited-range vessels cover their entire … Read more

Tesla News: University of Queensland Battery Installation Shows Huge Savings

So by now, we all know the advantages of installing a Tesla Powerpack on our homes, and how the Southern Australia Megapack installation has helped their grid cope with increasingly difficult power situations. Famously, they relied on it heavily after a bunch of tornadoes devastated power lines for over two weeks. However, Australia has another … Read more

Ferrari Claims EV Technology Not Quite Good Enough For Them – Yet

In a recent interview with AutoCar, Ferrari’s chief commercial officer, Enrico Galliera, gave a strangely decisive statement of the prospect of an all-electric Ferrari. He claims that Ferrari will not sell an EV until at least 2025, when the technology is appropriate for their brand. According to Galleria, the battery technology is not up to … Read more

Elon Musk Talks Energy Crisis On 60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia recently uploaded an interview and special that dealt with the ongoing Australian energy crisis. As part of their reporting they interviewed Elon Musk, who got involved with the situation, when he and Tesla deployed the world’s largest battery in Southern Australia back in 2017. The country, which sees regular blackouts caused by … Read more