California Sets Standards For Electric Trucking Transition

We’ve mentioned the California Air Resources Board in the past. CARB, has been working to make industries switch over to electric vehicles in the state, starting with rideshares like Lyft and Uber, but now going so far as passing Semi-Truck regulations. On June 25, CARB decided to force trucking companies to start switching from diesel … Read more

Rivian Announces Large Move to California with Production in Illinois Imminent

As Tesla looks to leave the state of California behind, due to a lack of cooperation between regulators and the automaker, another rising EV star has decided to do just the opposite. Rivian, the company behind the upcoming R1 range of electric trucks, has announced a plan to consolidate its design teams in California. Right … Read more

California Looking To Mandate EV Ridesharing Percentages

The California Air Resources Board, or CARB, is considering legislation that would mandate the percentage of EV or fuel cell vehicles in a rideshare company’s fleet. This comes at a time where lockdown has lowered rideshare usage by 60% from last year. However, ridesharing is surprisingly hard on greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, California has … Read more