Tesla News: Semi Photographed Charging In The Wild

Ever since the first Tesla Semi prototypes were spotted driving around int the real world, people have been curious about their charging process. It seems reasonable to expect the giant 18-wheelers to use more than just the “run-of-the-mill” Superchargers. Some people speculated that the Semi might use more than one charger connection at a time. … Read more

Sentry Video Shows Nissan Leaf Owner Unplugging Tesla- But The Ethics Aren’t So Simple

In a recent Youtube upload by user, Tesla P3D, we can see a woman caught on their sentry-mode camera unplugging their Model 3, to use the charger for their own Nissan Leaf. What a terrible thing, right? Well, yes, and no…but definitely yes. Okay, truth told, it is more complicated by that, and our first … Read more