Renault Chairman Warns About Chinese EV Competition In Parliamentary Meeting

We’ve been seeing a massive gap in the affordable-EV market, where China and it’s manufacturing companies have been eager to sneak in and fill that void. Whether it’s blatant ripoffs of Tesla vehicles, more original creations, or Chinese investments in European production, the country has been bending over backwards to make sure it’s on the … Read more

Tesla News: Chinese Battery Partner Hypes 16-Year Over 1-Million Mile Battery

In one of the worst kept secrets of modern time, Tesla has been working towards announcing the advent of a million-mile battery. They’ve also been working towards a battery with no cobalt content. These two things both could have been the subject of Tesla’s postponed Battery Investor’s day, but fate wouldn’t have it. However, we … Read more

Tesla News: Model 3 Getting Cheaper Batteries According To Paperwork Filed With Chinese Officials

There have been some minor differences between the American-made Tesla models and the Chinese-made models since the opening of the Shanghai Gigafactory. For one thing, they offer the previously discontinued RWD Long-Range Model 3, as well as some less-important differences in interior specs. However, Tesla has been working with LG Chem and CATL on their … Read more