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    GM-Backed Baojung Just Unveiled The EV to Rule Them All

    Ten years ago, GM, SAIC, and Wuling Motors all got together with large duffel-bags of untraceable bills and decided they would back Baojung. While that might not be entirely accurate, now that it’s been a decade, the Chinese Baojung has unveiled their hottest new EV, and I’ll be the first to admit, it’s got style […] More

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    Your New EV Arrived, And It Cost Just $3,000 Mostly In Shipping

    Jason Torchinsky, a writer with Jalopnik, recently pulled the plug and ordered the most exciting Alibaba purchase I’ve seen in a long time. The cheapest new car in the world, coming in at just $900 before shipping. If that weren’t exciting enough, it’s also an EV, with 1.1 horsepower! The Chinese car, called a Changli, […] More

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    The XPeng G3 Gets Reviewed In A Series Of Enlightening Videos

    We have been hearing a lot about the Chinese XPeng vehicles lately, from their crossover G3 to the newer P7, both of which are supposed to make Tesla’s blush. Of course, not because they’re superior quality, or particularly better spec’d, but because Xpeng and Tesla are in a dispute over IP theft, over the Chinese […] More