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    Citroen’s Electric C4 Could Move the Brand to %20 EV Sales

    The topic of percentage of EV sales to ICE-cars can bring up a lot of wild speculation. Some think %2 of sales over the last couple of years will remain somewhat constant in the future, others believe this is the beginning of a drastic takeover. Fortunately, Citroen has shown off their new all-electric C4 crossover. […] More

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    Citroen e-Spacetourer Is An Electric 9-Seat Minivan

    Some of you are trying to fit a whole family into a Model 3, and while that’s totally fine, wouldn’t you love a quirky minivan or bus that runs off electricity? Of course you would! Well fortunate for you, Citroen has unveiled their new e-Spactourer minivan. For those of us who don’t live in Europe, […] More