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    Tesla News: Model 3 On Autopilot Slams Into Truck On Highway

    In one of the most serious Autopilot wrecks in a long time, a Model 3 driving down the highway slammed into an overturned box truck without slowing down at all. The incident was caught on video from multiple angles, all showing how avoidable the crash would have been if the driver were paying attention. The […] More

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    Tesla News: Model 3 Slams Into Tree In Terrible Collision

    In a terrible, but thankfully not fatal, car accident last week, Twitter-user Martin Grefte’s Tesla Model 3 slammed into a tree at 72 km/h. Grefte was driving off of an exit ramp at the time, when he became distracted by the thought of a sick relative, and accidentally went flying off the road. Grefte published […] More