An Electric Forklift Motor In A Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle Absolutely Shreds

Most people would never assume there was power to be gained from swapping out a Suzuki Hayanusa crotch-rocket’s 1.3L inline-four engine with the motor from a forklift. However, some wild Danes did exactly that, and lucky for us, Youtuber Snooken Recordings was able to film their creation on the drag strip. The owners of the … Read more

Watch A Tesla P100D Drag Race A Ferrari F12

Sometimes, performance is the main metric concerning a prospective car buyer. If they have unlimited cash, they would buy the quickest car around. Increasingly, that’s looking like a one-sided competition between electric and traditional cars. In a recent upload from Youtuber, ICSI, we can see a Tesla Model S P100D, race down a quarter-mile track … Read more