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    Electrify America Pitches EV-Charger Emoji for World Emoji Day

    One of the most important social changes in our time will be the switch from gas to electric vehicles. The only problem keeping us back, is the lack of an emoji. Alas, Electrify America has something to say about that! The company, which operates the largest network of open fast-charging stations in the US, has […] More

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    Ford and Electrify America Give Free 250 kWh to Mustang Mach-e Customers

    One point about electric vehicle ownership that can intimidate and annoy, many potential buyers, is the concept of fast-charging. If you’re coming from a gas car, or drive many miles every day, you might assume that charging stations will be a common hurdle in your life. That’s not necessarily true, regardless, Ford and Electrify America […] More