Elon Musk Elaborates On His Controversial Covid Stance

In a very opinion-rich episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk spent almost an hour elaborating on this controversial Covid opinions. The billionaire was widely criticized by the media for his tweets earlier this month, where he minimized the mortality rates of the virus, and pleaded for the freeing of America’s workforce. It’s fundamentally … Read more

Elon Musk Goes On Joe Rogan Teases Neuralink ‘AI-Extension Of Self’

In a follow-up to what must be the most famous podcast of all time, Elon Musk has graced the internet with another appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. A large focus of their conversation was Elon’s most underappreciated company, Neuralink, which Musk gave a more detailed timeline for during their talk. The company, which has … Read more

Tesla’s Stock Plummets Following Musk’s Strange Tweets… Yet Again

  Buckle up, because a series of strange tweets from Elon Musk just erased billions of dollars from Tesla’s recent stock gains. After many exciting developments for the automaker this week, which posted surprising earnings for Q1, the pendulum was bound to swing in the other direction. As history tends to repeat itself, the cause … Read more