Tesla News: Audi CEO Thinks They are Catching Up in Battery Tech

Audi apparently doesn’t think Tesla has a substantial battery technology lead on their German competition. Apparently, electric vehicles which seem generations superior to their counterparts, need to be worried about something called “seven-mile boots.” We’re going to give Audi CEO, Markus Duesmann, the benefit of the doubt here. The guy has confidence, and he should. … Read more

Renault Chairman Warns About Chinese EV Competition In Parliamentary Meeting

We’ve been seeing a massive gap in the affordable-EV market, where China and it’s manufacturing companies have been eager to sneak in and fill that void. Whether it’s blatant ripoffs of Tesla vehicles, more original creations, or Chinese investments in European production, the country has been bending over backwards to make sure it’s on the … Read more

Lordstown Motors To Unveil Endurance Pickup Truck Later This Month

Not much has been revealed of the finalized Lordstown Endurance Pickup. Now, CEO Steve Burns is telling us that the production version of the truck will be revealed in an online event later this month. We know that the EV has a reported 600 horsepower, coming from four in-wheel motors. These will apparently allow the … Read more

Your New EV Arrived, And It Cost Just $3,000 Mostly In Shipping

Jason Torchinsky, a writer with Jalopnik, recently pulled the plug and ordered the most exciting Alibaba purchase I’ve seen in a long time. The cheapest new car in the world, coming in at just $900 before shipping. If that weren’t exciting enough, it’s also an EV, with 1.1 horsepower! The Chinese car, called a Changli, … Read more

Vietnamese Company Vinfast Planning Debut Of A New EV

With new technologies, comes the opportunity for upstart companies to make an international splash. Rimac, the Croatian company making electric supercars, comes to mind. In the same way, we have Vinfast, a Vietnamese carmaker, introducing plans to release an EV into the global market. The company, owned by one of Vietnam’s largest conglomerates, may not … Read more

Newly Published Research Projects 58% EV Adoption Rate By 2040

Right off the bat, Bloomberg’s projection of 58% electric market share by 2040 sounds fantastic. However, I suggest we go through their new BNEF findings, and talk about why they aren’t aggressive enough. Shall we? The research paper, titled “Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020,” covers many great talking points, including the 87% decrease in li-ion battery … Read more