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    Watch A Tesla P100D Drag Race A Ferrari F12

    Sometimes, performance is the main metric concerning a prospective car buyer. If they have unlimited cash, they would buy the quickest car around. Increasingly, that’s looking like a one-sided competition between electric and traditional cars. In a recent upload from Youtuber, ICSI, we can see a Tesla Model S P100D, race down a quarter-mile track […] More

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    Ferrari Claims EV Technology Not Quite Good Enough For Them – Yet

    In a recent interview with AutoCar, Ferrari’s chief commercial officer, Enrico Galliera, gave a strangely decisive statement of the prospect of an all-electric Ferrari. He claims that Ferrari will not sell an EV until at least 2025, when the technology is appropriate for their brand. According to Galleria, the battery technology is not up to […] More