The Ford Mustang Mach-E Deliveries Delayed After Alert Email Sent To Customers

A user on the┬áMach-E Forum┬áhas admitted that they’ve received an email from Ford announcing that the estimated delivery date of the new Mustang Mach-E has been pushed back, despite some customer cars already being shipped ready for delivery. The email is as follows: We know, again from the Mach-E forum, that a large number of … Read more

Ford Debuts Mustang Mach-e 1,400 Horsepower Racing Model

I’ve regularly referred to Mustangs, including the Mach-e, as grandma cars. Then came that spy footage from a week ago, where we saw a disassembled Mach-e shredding a track. Today’ Ford put the pieces together, and revealed a very powerful racing Mustang, with 1,400 horsepower… which would terrify your grandmother. The Mach-e 1400 has not … Read more

Ford and Electrify America Give Free 250 kWh to Mustang Mach-e Customers

One point about electric vehicle ownership that can intimidate and annoy, many potential buyers, is the concept of fast-charging. If you’re coming from a gas car, or drive many miles every day, you might assume that charging stations will be a common hurdle in your life. That’s not necessarily true, regardless, Ford and Electrify America … Read more

Ford Patents Inflatable Rooftop Solar Panels

Okay Elon Musk, prepare yourself, because the geniuses (plural) at Ford Global Technologies, LLC. are taking inflatables to a whole new level. They have recently patented a large inflatable solar-cell arrangement, which drops down from a stowage state to a tensioned state, thereby allowing for more solar real-estate. In their patent application, it appears as … Read more

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E Charges Even Faster Than First Announced

So when Ford first announced their Mustang Mach-E, they undersold its charging potential, according to a new press release from the company. Not just a slight undersell either, in fact, they are now saying all the models of the Mach-E will charge 30% faster than they first thought on a DC fast charger. In new … Read more

Ford Axes Lincoln EV Co-Development With Rivian

  After investing $500 Million dollars in EV-startup Rivian, Ford has decided to cancel its plans to launch a Lincoln SUV powered by their electric powertrain. Lincoln announced the shelving of plans Tuesday, while qualifying that they and Ford still intend to develop electric vehicles in the future, just not this particular model. The decision … Read more