Tesla News: Fremont Reopens Against County Orders; Musk Asks Only He Be Arrested

On Monday, Elon Musk tweeted that- after a long and dramatic public dispute with Alameda County- Tesla’s Fremont factory would indeed be reopening. However, he stressed that it was against County rules, and that he would be on the production line, leading the charge. He even went a step further, somewhat presumptively asking that “if … Read more

Tesla News: “Final Straw” Makes Musk File Suit and Threaten To Leave California

In the ongoing fight between Elon Musk, and Alameda County officials over Tesla’s planned reopening of their Fremont factory, peace has yet be made. Now the “final straw” has broken the camel’s back, as the CEO threatens to take his business to either Texas or Nevada. Tesla’s planned to reopen their factory Friday, but were … Read more